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Step 1: Incorporator


Information, Tools & Tips

This is the person who initiates the incorporation process and will serve as the main contact person. Please enter the full name of the incorporator and the email address to which we should send email confirmation and all other correspondence.


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Information, Tools & Tips For information about the various entity types click here LLC or Corporation?


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C Corporation

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LLC – Limited Liability Company

Series LLC – Additional fees may apply





Step 3: State of Incorporation


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Step 4: Entity Information


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Step 7: Payment: choose a package / service


$1,599   Best Seller: Platinum U.S. Incorporation Package  read more
    US LLC or Corporation, IRS Registration, Complete US Address, Mail Forwarding, Bank & Merchant Account  
    Includes FREE 1 HOUR consultation with a Certified Public Accountant: US taxes, US incorporation  
   + State fees
USA Company Formation
(Complete & Expedite 48 hours) 
Tax ID Number
(Complete IRS registration, we do it for you)
e-Corporate Kit
(Incorporation Documents Via Email)
US Resident Agent
(for 1 Year)  
US Business Address
(for 1 Year)  
Mail Forwarding Service
(To Your Foreign Country) For 1 Year 
Monthly fee of $9.99 will be charged for mail scanning service and online mail account maintenance. 
USD Bank Account Solution
(Online Banking, Check Book, Debit Card, Online wires) 
USD Merchant Account
(Allows You to Charge Customer With All Major Credit Cards 
US Telephone Number Set Up
(Calls Charged Separately)
US Fax Number Set Up
(Calls Charged Separately)
Dedicated CPA For Tax & Incorporation Advice
(Via phone, emails or online chat 


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6. Incorporation Package  + State fees


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