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If you own a US LLC or a Corporation you must submit your State Franchise tax return and Federal & State income tax return in March 2011 (or later if an extension application has been obtained). Our Tax Service Includes:


<Federal Income tax for the US Company <Owner (s) (non resident) tax return
<State Income Tax For the US Company <Complete Audit Support / Representation
<Franchise Tax Return <Dedicated CPA for all tax issues
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New and exciting product that gives you US company owned by your offshore IBC with bank account for each company and 100% anonymity, 100% Tax Free & 100% Reliability.  


<USA LLC (Delaware or any other US State)
<Offshore Parent company
USD Bank account
Offshore bank account

<Merchant Account
Dedicated CPA for all tax issues
Nominee Service for extra protection (optional)

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Why Should I Incorporate

There are several good reasons for any person to consider business incorporation (e.g. setting up a corporation or forming an LLC) and switch from sole proprietorship or partnership to a better legal structure such as Corporation or Limited Liability Company.


Free Forum On US Company For Non Residents

In this forum you can find US Company questions and answers for non US residents, transcripts of our online chat sessions with non US resident visitors inquiring about Delaware Company or Delaware Corporation and and US incorporation advice given to our customers. Please note that this page is only provided for general information and not for personal use without discussing any individual situation with a US professional incorporator or one of our US incorporation Specialists.


Free Guide: How to form US company?

This guide explains how can a Non US Resident set up a US Company (a Delaware Company, Delaware LLC or Delaware Corporation). One of the most common question we are being asked is if a person who is a non US citizen or a non US resident can set up a Delaware Company or a Delaware Corporation and serve as the company owner, officer and director. Here you will find answers to that question and other useful information design to educate you on the US incorporation process.


LLC or Corporation?

There are distinct advantages and disadvantages of each form of doing business. Which is right for you? That’s a decision made between you and your team of financial and legal advisers. And remember, you must consider state and local taxes when evaluating business structure. If it’s been awhile since you last reviewed your business structure, contact us to discuss your alternatives. And, for a side-by-side comparison of each business form, keep on reading.


  Non-US-Residents The Incorporation Process
  Can a Non-US-Resident start a US Company ? How Long does it take to form a Delaware Company or LLC ?

Can a Foreign Person Establish a US Bank Account ?

Which documents do I need to Provide to set up a US LLC or Corporation ?
  Can a Foreign Person Obtain a US Credit Card ? Do I need to come to the US for the incorporation ?
  Can a non-US-resident move in to the US to work for the US company ? What is a corporate Kit for a Delaware Company : Corporation or LLC ?
    What is Registered Agent For a Delaware Company
  Corporation / LLC  
  What are the benefits in setting up a US Company ? Setting up a Business Bank Account
  Should I open my US Company in Delaware State ? How Long does it take to open a US Bank Account?
  What are the features of a Delaware Corporation ? Which documents do I need to Provide for bank account opening?
  What are the features of a Delaware LLC ? Do I need to come to the US to open the Bank account?
  How much capital is required to incorporate a US Company ?  
    Setting up a Business Merchant Account
  Free Incorporation Guides How Long does it take to open a US Merchant Account?
  Why Should I Incorporate      A Guide to US Company For Non Residents Which documents do I need to Provide for merchant account opening?
  How to form US company?   LLC or Corporation?    Do I need to come to the US open the merchant account?
Tax USATM Customer Testimonials
  Here is what Patrick Moony with Made To Fit, Inc. says about our service: "After weeks of research I can say with confidence that your Platinum package is truly the best incorporation deal I have came across. For $1,599 I set up my US company in 48 HRs and got US address, Mail forwarding, Bank Account, Merchant Account and the cherry on the pie, a dedicated CPA that helped and still helping me with all my US business needs. Highly recommended."  
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About Tax Usa Inc.

As a full service U.S. tax and accounting firm, we can assist you with your U.S. incorporation, U.S. tax compliance and filing, Payroll for your U.S. employees and U.S. records and bookkeeping. Since 2004 we have helped non US residents from all over the world to form their US Company, Delaware company or Delaware Corporation & advised on US Taxation, prepared and filed all necessary tax returns and provided our clients with wide range of bookkeeping and accounting services. With packages specially designed for non US residents and starting as low as $349 you can quickly set up a US business and have complete US presence within 7 business days.

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