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Tax USA TM a trusted name since 2004


Tax USA TM is a leader in US Incorporation for non US residents and a trusted name in the USA business world. We offer our customers wide range of business, tax and accounting services, starting with our award winning US Company formation packages. The real benefit of using our services is that you have a partner that is truly a on-stop-shop for all of your incorporation, bookkeeping and tax compliance in the U.S.

Since 2004 we have helped non US residents from all over the world to form their US Company, Delaware company or Delaware Corporation & advised on US Taxation, prepared and filed all necessary tax returns and provided our clients with wide range of bookkeeping and accounting services. With packages specially designed for non US residents and starting as low as $349 you can quickly set up a US business and have complete US presence within 7 business days.

As most of our customers are non US residents, we have developed a unique business model that accommodates our remote clientele and allows them to incorporate their US company, Delaware Company, US LLC or Delaware LLC online without ever visiting the United States.


Our Incorporation packages are specially designed to create powerful US presence for our customers and using those packages you will be able to form your US company, set up a US address, have all mail forward to your foreign address, open a US bank and Merchant account and file all the necessary federal and state tax returns to make sure your company is always in good standing.



Is this package for me?

This package is for non US residents who want to a complete US presence, complete banking and merchant services and full year of tax compliance with 1 year preparation of the company's US tax return (at no additional charge). It suits online retailers, online wholesalers, consultants, and any foreign business that wants an operational US subsidiary. This package will reserve your business name and complete the incorporation of your US company as well as set up business bank account for the US entity.


Before you place your order!!!
Please review our US Incorporation Guide for all the information available about the US Incorporation Process, US LLC, US Corporation, US Address & Virtual office, US & Offshore Bank Account, US & Offshore Merchant Account, US Tax Filing and Company Renewal.

The Guide also provides in details the options available for Non US Resident, the Terms & Conditions for each service and the Requirements for a US Company, Bank Account & Merchant Account.

What will you get with our VIP package?
USA Company Formation
(Complete & Expedite 48 hours) 
Tax ID Number
(Complete IRS registration, we do it for you)
e-Corporate Kit
(Incorporation Documents Via Email)
US Resident Agent
(for 1 Year)  
US Business Address
(for 1 Year)  
Mail Forwarding Service
(To Your Foreign Country) For 1 Year 
USD Bank Account Solution
(Online Banking, Check Book, Debit Card, Online wires) 
USD Merchant Account
(Allows You to Charge Customer With All Major Credit Cards 
US Telephone Number Set Up
(Calls Charged Separately)
US Fax Number Set Up
(Calls Charged Separately)
Dedicated CPA For Tax & Incorporation Advice
(Via phone, emails or online chat 
Bookkeeping & Financial Reporting Service
(For 1 Year - up to 50 transactions)
Complete Tax Compliance and Tax Filing Service
(For 1 Year)

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This package is designed to form: Delaware Corporation , Delaware Company , Delaware LLC , US company, US Corporation , US LLC , Delaware Corporation for Non Residents , Delaware Company for Non Residents , Delaware LLC for Non Residents , US company for Non Residents, US Corporation for Non Residents , US LLC for Non Residents.

The Package Includes:
1. Consultation with a CPA for tax and incorporation planning (valued at $199)
2. Complete Guide to incorporating your business
3. Company Name Search & Reservation 
4. Expedited Completion and Filing of the Articles of Formation 24 hours
5. Certified Copy of your Certificate of Formation/Incorporation
6. Unlimited Live Chats & Phone Support
7. Subscription to Business Tax quarterly eNewsletter
8. PDFs of your Filed Corporate Documents
9. Registered Agent Service for the rest of the calendar year  
10. LLC Agreement / Corporate Bylaws
11. LLC Membership / Corporate Stock Certificate
12. EIN (Employer ID Number) in 24 hours (also known as IRS Form SS4) 
13. Corporation Kit & Corporate Seal

Our Corporate Formation Package includes the following:

20 Custom printed certificates numbered and imprinted with corporate names and authorized issue.
Stock transfer ledger.
Corporate Seal.
Printed minutes and bylaws.
Special forms with review of sub-chapter S election, medical and dental reimbursement plans, Section 1244 forms, annual meeting forms.
Indexed section for articles, minutes, bylaws, certificates, transfer ledger, and S-section/forms.
Customized binder and matching slipcase.


Open U.S.D  Business Bank Account

U.S. Bank Account for non-U.S.-residents

U.S. Business Address and Mail Forwarding 1 Full Year of U.S. business address
US Telephone Number Set Up
(Calls Charged Separately)
US Fax Number Set Up
(Calls Charged Separately)

Open U.S.D  Business Merchant Account

U.S. Merchant Account for non-U.S.-Reidents
1 Full Year of U.S. Mail Forwarding Service

Year Long tax Advice,
Consult with your Private Accountant on -
>> US Company: Parent or subsidiary?
>> US taxes: How will your US company & Foreign Entity be taxed?
>> Transfer Pricing: How to set up a solid transfer pricing to minimize the group's total tax burden
>> Cost Plus Income Recognition: How to comply with US IRS regulation
>> Sales Tax Reporting & Filing Overview: What is your group exposure & how to comply?
>> Income Tax Reporting & Filing Overview: What is your group exposure & how to comply?
1 year of preparation and filing of Federal Tax Return:

Filing requirements for LLC (Limited Liability Company)


The Internal Revenue Code does not recognize an LLC as a classification for federal tax purposes. An LLC business entity must file as a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship tax return. The code treats LLCs by default as a pass-through entity, meaning the LLC does not pay taxes on the net income they generate; instead they pass the taxable income through to its members who then pay the applicable federal and state taxes on their share of the LLC’s taxable income.


LLC can be either multi-member (with two or more members) or a single member LLC (SMLLC) A multi-member LLC can be either a partnership or a corporation, including an S corporation. To be treated as a corporation, an LLC has to file Form 8832, Entity Classification Election (PDF), and elect to be taxed as a corporation. A multi-member LLC that does not so elect will be classified by federal law as a partnership.


Multi-member LLC must file form 1165 to report its gross income and all deductible expenses and provide form K1 to each of its member to report the member's share of the LLC taxable income or loss. The LLC must also report its balance sheet including cash balance, receivables, inventories, fixed and other assets, accounts payables, all other current and long term liabilities and its equity.

Filing requirements for C Corporation

C Corporation is a separate legal structure from its shareholders and shields personal assets of those shareholders from judgments against the business. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) refers to general corporations as "C" Corporations. General Corporations are taxed on their profits using the IRS corporate tax rates and additionally any dividend paid to the shareholders is taxable by them. This tax structure also known as "double taxation." 


C. Corporation must file form 1120 to report its gross income, deductible expenses and net income or loss. The corporation must also report its balance sheet including cash balance, receivables, inventories, fixed and other assets, accounts payables, all other current and long term liabilities and its equity.

Not sure in which U.S. state to incorporate? Need help selecting the best entity type for you? Let our experts guide you and help you choose the best solution for you. Call Our Incorporation Specialists at U.S. +1 [202] 742-6317 or Chat live With Our Incorporation Specialists

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