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Licensed and commissioned in the U.S. See our articles of incorporation and our team member Certified Public Accountant's license.


Years of experience accumulated by our specialists benefit you and provide you with the assurance you need to move forward with the incorporation process.


We understand that incorporation is your first step toward growing your business. We therefore adjusted our fees to allow our clients to benefit from superb service at affordable prices.


Our CPA & incorporation expert have extensive background and knowledge in worldwide incorporation, USA and international tax planning and business structure.





Forming US company gives your business many advantages including: Asset and Shareholders protection, Business credibility with US Customers & Tax efficiency. There are 50 U.S. in which you can form your US Company but in general forming a Delaware Company or Delaware Corporation may be the best option for a non US resident (see why) (incorporate now)

Tax USA Inc., offers affordable and reliable US Company formation packages and as a full service US tax & accounting firm assures that you will always be in compliance with all US tax agencies and file all your business and personal tax returns in a timely and accurate manner.

Check the US company registrar database
for your company name availability
results will be sent to the email address you provide.

 Why form a US company? 

US company is an excellent structure for Non US Residents to conducts business in North America. The list below details some of the many benefits a US Company offers to its shareholders:

<Asset Protection


Operating in the US through a US Company, provides the US Company Shareholders protection from personal liability toward any company defaults and legal disputes. As appose to operating as a Sole Proprietorship (which exposes the owners to personal liability for any business defaults) a judgment against US Corporation or US LLC will not be satisfied by assets of the US Company shareholders personal assets (unless they voluntary decide to provide the US Company with a personal Guarantee).


(Protect your asset with a US Company)  

<Business & Marketing Credibility
Operating in the US market using a foreign business can be challenging.  Using a US Company (whether it is "Your Business Name, LLC" or "Your Business Name, Inc." immediately increases credibility. Having a U.S. address, U.S. bank account and a US phone number significantly add legitimacy and accessibility to your business.

(Increase your business credibility with a US Company)  
<Trade Name & Business Name Protection
If you want to reserve and protect your Trade and business names in the US, setting up a US Company will achieve that goal. Once your US Company is formed, no other business can set up a company with the same name in the same State unless you give them a written permission In addition, you can register any trade name under your US Company ownership, and use that name  (this also known as "doing business as" (DBA) registration).

(Reserve & protect your trade & business name with a US Company) 
<Should I open my U.S. business in Delaware State?
<What are the features of a Delaware Corporation?
<What are the features of a Delaware LLC?
<Should I open a Corporation or LLC?
<How much capital is required to incorporate a U.S. business?
The US Incorporation Process
<How Long does it take to incorporate?
<Which documents do I need to Provide?
<Do I need to come to the U.S. for the incorporation?
<What is a corporate Kit?
<What is Registered Agent?
Setting up a Business Bank Account
<How Long does it take to open a U.S. Business Bank Account?
<Which documents do I need to Provide for bank account opening?
<Do I need to come to the U.S. to open the Bank account?
Setting up a Business Merchant Account
<How Long does it take to open a U.S. Business Merchant Account?
<Which documents do I need to Provide for merchant account opening?
<Do I need to come to the U.S. open the merchant account?


US corporation & US COMPANY formatioN


U.S. Incorporation for non-U.S.-residents 

U.S. Business Address and Mail Forwarding

U.S. Incorporation for non-U.S.-residents  Congratulations. You have decided to enter the largest economy in the world, the U.S.A., with more than 300,000,000,000 consumers in 50 states. U.S. Business Address and Mail Forwarding

Have a real US address for B

Enhance your US Corporate ID

Purchase from internet sites

Ship products to and from the US

U.S. Bank Account for non-U.S.-residents

U.S. Merchant account for non-U.S.-residents 

U.S. Bank Account for non-U.S.-residents

Business Bank Account
USD Checks
Incoming Wire Transfers
Outgoing Wire Transfers
Debit Card (optional)
Online Internet Banking
Complete Internet Access
Manage your account from any where in the world

U.S. Merchant Account for non-U.S.-Reidents US Merchant Account
Accept Credit Card
Debit Card Payments
Outgoing Wire Transfers Debit Card Online
Online Virtual Terminal
Complete Internet Access
Manage your account from any where in the world



 U.S. Business Tax Services

U.S. Tax Services For Non-U.S.-BusinessesThe U.S. is tax code is a complex one. It is even more demanding when it comes to deal with Foreign (Non-U.S.) Corporation and Businesses trading and transacting in the U.S. Our firm has excellent packages designed to assure your business is always in compliance and minimizes its tax burden both in and outside of the United States. [more]


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