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Incorporation Glossary


Initial Name Check:

This process insures the accessibility of your company's name when we form your corporation or LLC.  Before submitting an order form we ask for two company names.  Within 24 hours of submitting your order form, we check the availability of the names you submitted to us.  If one or both of the names are unavailable one of our representatives will contact you for additional names.


Drafting and Filing of the Required Documents:

This process presents your corporation to the state you wish to incorporate in.  After drafting and filing your articles of incorporation or organization, we inform you of the states decision regarding the formation of your business.  State documents that certify the formation of your corporation are normally mailed to you 4 to 6 weeks after submitting your order.


Payment of State Filing Fees:

As part of each incorporation service, we pay the state filing fees for incorporating your business on your behalf.  This ensures that the State documents and fees are processed together.


Free Business Consultation:

Our business consultation service consist of experienced small business consultants that come from areas such as law, business, information technology, engineering, accounting and marketing.  We have consulted with numerous business on and off the internet.  As part of your package our business consultants will answer general business questions related to subjects such as marketing, finance, general management, production, and distribution.  We also offer general help with the preliminary stages of financial planning for your business.  Specifically, guidance in putting together the right financial structure (bank accounts, merchant accounts, etc.).


Complete Federal Tax ID Service:

This service completes the process of preparing and filing the required documents with the Internal Revenue Service.  The end of the this process is marked by a federal identification number assigned to your corporation.  This number allows your corporation to function freely in the legal/financial systems of the United States and other countries.


Prepare S-Corporation Election (only for corporations):

If you want your business to operate as an S-Corporation, we will prepare the required documents to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service.


Access to our Customer Care Center:

Our customer care center is dedicated to giving our customers one-on-one attention.  Our live operators are available seven days a week to assist you with difficulties that may emerge before, after or during the incorporation process.


Corporate Formation Package:

Our Corporate Formation Package includes the following:

20 Custom printed certificates numbered and imprinted with corporate names and authorized issue.
Stock transfer ledger.
Corporate Seal.
Printed minutes and bylaws.
Special forms with review of sub-chapter S election, medical and dental reimbursement plans, Section 1244 forms, annual meeting forms.
Indexed section for articles, minutes, bylaws, certificates, transfer ledger, and S-section/forms.
Customized binder and matching slipcase.


Registered Agent Service (1 full year):

All states require corporations and LLC's to maintain a registered agent in the state they are created.  The registered agent is responsible for receiving important documents on behalf of the corporation or LLC.


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