How much capital is required to incorporate a US company, US Corporation or US LLC ?


One of the main factors in the decision to expand your business into the US market is the amount of capital that is required to incorporate a US business. The answer to that question is complex and depends on  the preferred State of incorporation. The United States of America includes 50 States and the District of Columbia. Each of the 50 States has its own incorporation law that determines the incorporation or business formation requirements, among them the amount of required capital.  


Delaware - The Most Popular Incorporation State. According to the Delaware Secretary of State Website, more than 850,000 business entities have their legal home in Delaware including more than 50% of all US publicly-traded companies and 63% of the Fortune 500.  Businesses entities of all types select Delaware for the State flexible corporate laws, highly-respected Court of Chancery and business-friendly State Government. One of the best features of a Delaware Corporation or a Delaware LLC is that No minimum capital is required to form a either of the entities. This means that other than you can incorporate your Delaware company or form your Delaware LLC with a minimal amount.  Nevada, a favorable States to Many Small Businesses.


Nevada earned its popularity with many businesses due to tested corporate laws, highest degree of privacy, the fact that it is the only state in the US that does not share information with the Internal Revenue Service Lastly, and finally Nevada has no state corporate taxes. Same as in Delaware No minimum capital is required in Nevada to Incorporate a Business or form a Limited Liability Company.


If your US business will have a physical presence in any US state you should seriously consider incorporating in that state. Otherwise, if you incorporate in another state, you will have to register that company in the state where you have the physical presence as a Foreign Corporation or a Foreign LLC. This means that you may have to register your US business in states other than Delaware or Nevada. As previously explained, each state has different corporate laws, thus each state has different requirement for minimum capital to form your US US company, US LLC, Delaware Company or Delaware LLC. To make sure you understand the amount needed in the state of your choice please contact us to discuss.


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