More and more Small to mid-market companies are benefiting from  outsourcing their non-core business functions. By outsourcing your accounting functions you take the pressure off your administrative staff, and free them up to support other areas directly related to your clients, your sales, your product and your marketing.


By outsourcing your accounting you put those important responsibilities in the hands of professionals. We provide a full service accounting, bookkeeping and CFO outsourcing solution. From budgeting, financial statements and cash flow management to payroll, sales tax and management reporting, we are here to help you focus on growing and managing  your business.


We can customize a package of services that is priced to keep you competitive in your marketplace while taking the headache out of running your business.


- Bookkeeping Outsourcing


  • Pay bills – prepare computer cash disbursement checks
  • Record receipts – prepare bank deposits and input credits
  • Payroll – compute and prepare checks
  • Prepare payroll tax deposits
  • Prepare bank reconciliation
  • Generate trial balance and financial statements


- Analysis & Reporting

  • Analysis and review of quarterly financial results
  • Financial Statements

- CFO Outsourcing



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Financial Statements


We realize and appreciate the CPA responsibilities to clients and to the public - banks, investors, bonding companies, regulatory authorities and others. Therefore our goal is to refer you to a Qualified CPA who shall fulfill these responsibilities accurately and effectively. and strive to provide sound financial reporting and assurance services that meet or exceed our clients' needs.


Audit - is expressing the highest level of assurance a Certified Public Accountant can provide on financial statements.  Most audits are performed in a publicly traded companies to comply with the Securities and Exchange Committee of disclosures. Audit is also performed to comply with the needs of third parties as required in loan agreements, bonding requirements, and/or other regulations. In other cases, audit is performed to help client develop a track record of reliable financial information for potential investors, financing for expansion or potential merger and acquisition activity. 


Review - is an engagement that includes Inquiries and analytical procedures to provide limited assurance on financial statements. A review of a financial statement may be a more economical alternative to performing a financial statement audit, if negative assurance on the financial statements is acceptable.


Compilation -  is designed for  companies that do not have the need for audited or reviewed financial statements. Compilations are frequently prepared on an interim basis, monthly or quarterly, as well as annually.

Agreed Upon Procedures - Performance of and reporting on agreed upon procedures and findings. Agreed Upon Procedures engagements can be tailored to focus our efforts on the specific issues of concern to the users. As a result, these engagements can be a cost-effective service to meet our clients' needs.


*Tax USA Inc. is not a CPA firm and is not qualified to provide public accountancy services. We shall refer you to qualified CPAs to perform the engagement.



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